About feyisola

Hi everyone! I'm Feyisola "Fey" Ogunfemi, an engineer turned wedding planner and owner of Statuesque Events. In addition to planning, I am a public speaker, educator and community servant. Above all, I believe in pursuing an extraordinary life where I push the limits both in my business and in life. I've learned that life shouldn't be spent behind a computer screen!


Feyisola Ogunfemi

I'm a Nigerian-American girl, raised in New Jersey but living in DC. My favorite color is pink.....meaning the really bright, slightly blinding, screaming fuschia - yea, that's it. I'm sold out to Jesus and when I'm not working on a wedding or off on a personal adventure, I'm usually volunteering in my church choir or young adult ministry team. I strongly believe that financial independence and balance in life comes when we work smarter, not just longer, and Feyisola.com is my way of sharing my journey and the things that I've learned so far with the world. My teaching style is best described as 70% information, 30% inspiration. My ideal coaching client is one who is driven, and is looking for information and instruction to take their business or life to the next level because I love creating and sharing plans! Thanks for following along!

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