A Few Ways to Avoid Cancer Every Day

I remember a few years ago when everyone flipped out after hearing that eating bacon is linked to cancer. I mean people swore not to eat bacon ever again and got scared, but you wouldn't believe how many things we use and eat DAILY that are linked to cancer. There is no way to 100% prevent cancer of course, but lessening your risk is possible. A few carcinogens that you may not have been aware of and how I avoid them are below:

  • Toothpaste: Yup, most toothpaste by major brands contain a chemical called "triclosan" which is linked to cancer. I've found that Tom's and Pronamel don't have this, so I stick to those for toothpaste. After all you are ingesting a tiny bit of this every day!
  • "Microwave safe" plastic containers: Microwaving plastic of any kind is linked to cancer. And most people do this EVERY DAY when taking food to work, or reheating food at home. A simple way around this is to stick to glass containers for packing lunch and reheating. Yes, it is a bit heavier to carry around but it's worth it for the sake of your health!
  • Non-stick pans: Non-stick pans are also linked to cancer especially when the pan starts peeling! Once the pan starts peeling even a little bit- toss it out. For me, I actually only keep stainless steel pans in my home just to be safe. 
  • Processed meats: All processed meats, not just bacon are linked to cancer. I just reduce my intake (because bacon is so good!) I stopped eating it every day and I also don't eat cold cuts or any meats out of a can.
  • Birth control: I just discovered this this year, and couldn't believe it given how doctors everywhere prescribe this stuff like mints! Birth control is linked to breast cancer and unless you have a condition that requires it, its best to avoid it.
  • Deodorant: Most deodorant contains aluminum which is also linked to breast cancer in both men and women. This is scary because we lay this on our skin 1-2 times a day! Tom's is pretty much the only brand that I've found which doesn't include aluminum in their deodorant so I've been using nothing but that for a few years.
  • Lotion formulated for extra dry skin: Piggy backing on the above discovery on aluminum, I happened to notice while reading the backs of lotion in the Target aisle that most lotion formulated for extra dry skin includes aluminum. Given that aluminum is bad for us when rubbed on our armpits, I decided that it's probably best to avoid rubbing this all over my body lol. To avoid this, in super cold months, I stick to coconut oil for my skin, and when its warmer I occasionally use regular lotion. 

I hope that you learned something new from today's post and that you start to incorporate these into your everyday life! Let's take a bet on ourselves :)