The Inspiration Behind My Home Office Design

My office is my new FAVORITE place to be. I am so much more productive there than when I try to pretend to work from my bed (those pictures of laptops in sheets are not real! It's so hard to work like that lol)



But believe it or not, I designed the space for the most part on my own, but with the help of a trusted friend. He guts and rebuilds houses and did me a favor with sourcing the materials for the flooring given my vision for a light-bright space. No one understood where I was going with this until I was done, but I want to share my overall goals in case you want to build something like this for yourself in the future!

#1 - LOTS of natural light! This was a must for me, and as I went home shopping, I let my realtor know that one of the most important things to me was to have a floor level room with large windows. Sounds like a strange request, but understand it made a lot of the difference. Even when its raining/overcast outside, my office is bright and radiant

#2 - Light bright floors. The exact material texture took us a while to settle on. Do I get shiny white tile or something else? But working with my friend at KONA Management, we decided that texture would be best, so we went with this gradient tile that had a mix of whites and grays, and they laid it out in a way that looked amazing!

#3 - Soft wall color to match my brand, but create a luxury experience. Soft pastel colors always feel warm and luxurious. Purple is the brand color for my washington dc based wedding planning business, but I knew that going too deep would not look too luxurious so I went with a nice lavender color which I picked up from Home Depot. I also got GORGEOUS wallpaper from Sherwin Williams to use as the backdrop for my desk and add a little contrast to the lavender walls

#4 - Silver accents - This was a tough one because I actually love gold accents. But after looking for furniture, I found so much more that I loved in silver so I went with it. It was also much easier to get a silver logo for my wall so I got that too! And I love the soft look that all of this creates together and in the end this was a better choice for me than the gold. 

#5 - Wedding accents - I was SO excited  that I finally got to make use of all of the books I got while studying event management, the bride's choice awards plaques and even a book of Tiffany wedding rings that I got while in LA. All of the little trinkets that I've gathered over the year added the finishing touches to let anyone who walked in know that this is all about WEDDINGS!

#6 - White furniture - All of my furniture came from or Ikea (shelving). Pretty simple!

I hope that this helps you as you start designing your own office (home or otherwise). Share photos on social media and don't forget to tag me (@feyisola on Instagram) so I can see what you designed!