3 Changes To Your Routine to Help You Hit Those 2018 Business Goals!

I know that you probably already took advantage of my 2018 yearly planning sheet (if you haven't, go grab it now!) But I wanted to solidify that a bit with some extra advice. The truth is, that reaching your goals involves changing something that you do regularly, not just making a wish-list. Below are a few tips on things to change daily (or at least weekly) to help you reach those goals!

1. Keep a (realistic) daily vs long term to-do list.  This is something that I've been doing for a while and I must admit that I struggled for a while about what is realistic in a day. I have lots of ideas and want to do them all NOW, but find that attempting to do that usually leads me to actually complete nothing, feel discouraged, and sometimes not have the motivation to keep working. Instead, I've learned to manage a daily and running to-do list. I keep them on the notes app on my phone, and in the same note. This makes it easy for me to add urgent items to my daily to-do list, and see clearly when I may need to bump things to my running to-do list. I also keep the running to-do list in order of priority to make it easy to move things up/down as things change - and face it they do! Keeping your list like this helps you keep yourself agile with changing priorities and conditions, but keeps your eye on the mark of what needs to be done!

2. READ! This is one that goes out of the door for most entrepreneurs, but I have to say that the continued mindset shifts that have come in the way that I approach my business really come from continuing to feed my mind with new ideas, and studying how others made it both in my industry and outside of it. Taking courses are excellent because they get you on track, but reading books - especially business and self help books can help reinforce ideas and give you new perspectives on a continual basis! I'll write another post on some of my favorite books from 2017 soon!

3. WAKE UP EARLIER. We all function differently, but I've found that I have the best ideas and do my best work once I've showered, prayed and had my morning tea. That said, it used to be the case that once I'm done with those 3 things, I'd frantically running out of the door for a meeting or to start responding to client emails. But by waking up at 5 or 6am, I have seen a huge shift in my business because I get an hour or two uninterrupted to work on my actual business (strategy, staffing etc) before I have to become responsive to client needs and meetings. And this has brought some tremendous growth to my business and peace in my life. 

And there you have it! Give these tips a try and let me know how they work out for you! I'd love to hear all about it!