3 Ways The Honeybook Streamlined My Wedding Business

I have been a Honeybook user for over two years, and I have to say that it’s played a major role in my ability to continually streamline my business, and make time for the things I love! (travel, hiking, ministry work and girls nights). Understanding the power of Honeybook is something that’s best understood once you sign up for your own free trial, however I will try my best to explain why you NEED to sign up below. Here are three ways that Honeybook’s helped my business:

  1. Clickable Brochure - At a certain point, all of us as small business owners have to transition into understanding, and being comfortable with sales! Having a clickable brochure, which a client can review at their leisure, and select the package that best matches what they are looking for has been a huge game changer. It provides a very professional feel - especially for today’s tech-savvy millennial couples.

  2. Electronic Signatures & Payments - Once a client gets a proposal, they have everything that the need to sign and make a deposit without any back and forth with you! Simply put, its so important to make paying you easy to close a sale! There are countless times that I have woken up to a new deposit that was made overnight, or seen a deposit come in while I am on vacation - and using a robust system like Honeybook gives the client the tools to sign and pay as soon as they are ready (even if its 2:00am!). Ease of payments does help to close more deals, and preserves time!

  3. Payment Reminders - The last thing that many of us want to do as creative professionals, is follow up on accounts payable and send payment reminders. But Honeybook handles all of that on your behalf! If you’re someone who wants to focus on the creative, and the deliverables and does not want to have to discuss money with your clients, you will LOVE Honeybook!

You can sign up for 50% off of your first year of Honeybook right here today to learn more about what makes it so great for yourself! CLICK HERE to get started!

P.S. Once you get started, shoot me a line and let me know what you think!