3 Ways To Get Your Business In Shape This Fall

Fall is here, and there truly is no better time to get your business in shape for the New Year! It’s great to start posting those “now accepting 2019 weddings” posts to social media, but there is more work to be done under the surface to ensure that you reach your goals for the 2019 wedding season. My list of items to focus on before December is below!

How to prepare your wedding business for 2019 booking and wedding season
  1. Categorize and organize your 2018 business expenses to prepare for tax season. I know. This is the part that we all HATE! There are few things in this life that are less sexy than getting your ducks in a row for tax season, but its necessary and now is the best time to do it. Think about it - April is a HECTIC time for us in the wedding industry. We are working on last minute bookings, preparing for or executing Spring weddings, and as the weather starts to get warmer, the number of personal family commitments that we have to plan for also increases. Do yourself a favor, and pick a day to get organized, save it on your calendar and get your expenses in order and categorized now. This by far is the hardest and most time consuming part of filing your taxes, and doing it now will allow you to focus on weddings next April!

  2. Develop a solid marketing plan. And by this, I mean make an actual plan around what kind of clients you want to attract, how you are going to reach them and how to convert them into leads. It’s not enough to just copy other people’s tactics, but you have to dig deep and determine what works both for getting potential clients’ attention, and for your time and schedule. I will be teaching about marketing to a niche at the Intrigue Marketing Masters Summit from October 9-11, alongside 30 other amazing speakers who will touch on other marketing topics! Additionally, if you’d like to sit with me one-on-one and develop your own custom marketing plan, I am offering coaching sessions! Visit feyisola.com/classes for more!

  3. Define personal milestones for 2019. I know this seemingly has nothing to do with business, but it’s actually crucial. Many people have come to despise, then abandon their businesses because they did not prioritize balancing business with life. And while a “perfect” balance may never exist, there is one simple thing that you can do to ensure that you are not always working - define how often you want to attend to personal matters. For example, I know that I want to see the beach at least twice each year, visit family in Nigeria once a year, and go on at least 2 girls trips a year. Defining this before the year starts helps me to pencil in dates, and shift them around (not delete them) according to how things pan out. If my wedding calendar starts to get full, I still pencil in dates, and choose not to remove a date unless a client meets a certain minimum. Prioritizing your personal life, happiness and health saves your business in the long run. Trust me. (And P.S. I also offer one on one coaching to help you find work-life-balance - email me at feyisola@statuesqueevents.com if you’re interested)

I hope that you have found this blog post to be helpful! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and share this with your friends in the wedding and creative industries!