Press Features: Afro-Elite and "African Making it in America" on

October has been an awesome month.....and we're only 1/2 way through it! LOL

Thanks to all of you guys for reading and forwarding my stuff - My Google Analytics has been showing me some awesome trends!! [insert smile]

Well, today I just wanted to let you all know that we were recently featured in two AWESOME places!

The 1st is When they reached out to me letting me know that they wanted to feature me for my entrepreneurial work, I was excited and a bit surprised (people know me? LOL). Well, check out the article here, hope you like it!! -->> FEYISOLA featured on AFRO-ELITE

Click for the feature on
Click for the feature on

I also was featured by one of my fav people, Miss Chikara Iwuagu - a sweetheart who was 2nd runner up in the Miss Nigerian Independence Pageant in 2010.

Me and Chikara at the 2011 Nigerian Independence Parade

I remember a finalists from my year visited one of their practices, and people kept saying that she was "me in the 2010 pageant" I didn't quite understand it at the time, but appreciated the comparison because she was a sweetheart and strong competitor. The girl's got an awesome blog and business going now, MYAFRICANISTA.COM, and I'm excited to be featured as an "African Making it in America. Again, find the feature here, and I hope you enjoy it!  FEYISOLA featured on MYAFRICANISTA