Earnest Pugh Christmas Album Release Party: Red Carpet Pics (via my iPad)

Hello everyone!! Well, with me and my new bi-state lifestyle, I'm glad to be blogging about a great event that took place down in the DMV! Ernest Pugh, one of my favorite singers recently released his 1st Christmas Album! His release party was held last week in Hyattsville, MD, and I crashed along with my iPad! It was great to hear that the inspiration behind this album was that his mom, prior to passing, expressed that she'd love to see him do it. He also expressed that he wanted to be part of reminding the world that Jesus is the reason for the season! Amen! I loved the event, it was great to see him in person, and also to be reminded that Christians know fashion! LOL. Enjoy a few of the shots I caught before the show below!

One of the voices on the album.....I love that fur!

And the host was fly too! Can't see it too well in the shot, but her stockings were def covered in glitter! I need to find those!

Ernest Pugh looking dapper in black and red, and being interviewed!

She was so sweet! Brittney Wright was also featured on the CD, and has another one of her own to be released soon so look out for that!