Sunday Best Meets New School: Church Fashion Gets an Upgrade (Vol 1)

So, we all know that Sunday best for ladies usually means a nice suit or dress with a nice big hat. But this is 2012, and I'm blessed to be part of a ministry of young people who love God, and are able to show their personalities in modest ways while doing it! One big trend I've noticed among the young adults at my church and in other places is bright colored pencil skirts, and I absolutely LOVE them! Every time I see one that's around knee length, I'm like "I want that" even if I already have one in that color, lol.

Here's a couple shots of some of my sisters rocking their new school Sunday Best via pencil skirts that pop!

I absolutely love this mentor(left) mentee(right) duo!

Here's the always fashionable Kemi wearing an awesome combo of cool colors, with nude accents!