Roseline 'Bukky" Akintunde: One of My Favorite People

One day towards the beginning of last year, shortly after starting up my business, I went out to a Nigerian networking event, just because I heard about it on Facebook and thought it'd be good networking. I have this strange thing about going places alone,  and I've found in recent years, its helped me meet people a lot of people instead of getting lost in convo with the person I came with. I was sitting near the entrance and saw this girl, and so I asked her what she did and we just started talking. She had a huge outreach initiative started and a team behind her to make moves in Nigeria, and I thought it was awesome! Then she asked me what I did, and how I ended up in event planning after getting and engineering degree and working in the field - and the only answer I had was "hey, you may not understand, but its where I feel led in my heart, and I had a strong desire to go in that direction after  praying for some time about a change in careers." It was such a blessing that she not only understood, but was a for real Christian as well!


So after that, she invited to me to a couple of youth group meetings and we became really cool, and eventually I got the chance to support her initiative, the ReNOVATE Malaria gala last July in New Jersey which was beautiful, and raised cash for the initiatives that they ran for the remainder of the year. It's really just been a pleasure to watch her soar, and she's definitely one of my favorite people, both for her hard work, but because she has a super beautiful and humble spirit! 

I regret that I can't physically be at this year's gala because I have a wedding booked for that date, but I definitely urge you to get your tickets and go support them this Saturday in NJ if you can! There will be a lot of forward thinking, progressive people, great programming, and all of the proceeds go to a cause that you can watch grow over the year! They are very public about showing where your investments went! And my cousin, DJ Yoossouph will be DJ-ing too. :P So yea, just make sure you get there! The flyer and deets are below, you won't regret making the investment to go! Visit for more!