Dating In Process Document Terms

Last night, I had one of my infamous dinners with one of my bffs, Vanessa Okoro. We met in girl scouts in the 6th grade, and now she lives in VA so we set up little dates every now and then to dish on what's going on in each other's lives. It's kind of like Sex in the City, without sex, NYC and only 2 girls instead of 4, lol. She's also a consultant down here, so we can relate on the 9-5 level as well.

Vanessa and I at Dinner :) Photo courtesy of my cellular device!

Process Doc with Swimlanes

Anyways, yesterday the topic was about how we're all old and over 25, and men. I was telling her a few deets about my dating life and a few concerns, and she gave the the funniest encouraging quote ever, and I had to share!

Your dating life is like a process document. There's lots of decision points and and a whole lot of swimlanes, but ultimately there's an end

For anyone who's never done a process document, lookup what a swimlane is, lol. A picture of a process doc is above too. It was so priceless, but so true! Anyway, just wanted to share that as a word of encouragement to my fellow single ladies out there.