Feyisola for Miss Nigeria In America 2012

Alright folks, you may have seen it on Facebook, but I am a delegate in the 2012 Miss Nigeria in America Pageant! Whooo!

An old shot of me when I was Miss Nigerian Independence

I thought it only made sense to create a blog post to discuss it more, so here goes!

Why this Pageant: I decided to run for Miss Nigeria in America 2012 because I think a pageant such like this is a great way to meet other great women. It also happens to be taking place in my second backyard this year, Silver Spring, MD, so I thought that was all the more reason to get involved! As Miss Nigerian Independence I got to start a great scholarship program, and should I win Miss Nigeria in America, I'd love to work more to expand that initiative!

Anambra?: So, I know this stumped a lot of people because everyone knows I'm from Ogun State, lol. The pageant directors assigned each of the delegates a state other than one that they are from in an effort to promote one Nigeria. I think its pretty cool :)

Community Service: Community Service is a major component of the Miss Nigeria in America Pageant, and we're all actually required to serve for a minimum of four hours per week. In addition to my usual volunteer work as the Chair-Elect of the Region 1 Alumni Board for the National Society of Black Engineers(NSBE) and with my church, Christ Apostolic Church, I'm taking this as another opportunity to get out and do some soup kitchen work, which I absolutely love! Its a blessing to serve those in need - to their face. Its one thing to donate, and its another thing to relate to someone in person, and treat them as another human being. They don't get that everyday. 

Fundraising: This is a new one for me. Never had a sponsorship requirement for a competition, but I'm determined not to let that hold me back! Working on a few things, and also asking friends and family, especially those who won't be able to support in person all the way in MD, to support if you can!  You can do so via paypal to feyisola.ogunfemi@gmail.com. Appreciate it!

Everything Else: Unfortunately, I can't dish on my attire for the different segments or talent just yet, but do stay tuned and I'll add another note after the pageant with those deets!

Also, click here to check out my sub-page on the Miss Nigeria In America Pageant.

Thanks for your support, and I'll see you on the other side of the pageant! :D