Remembering 9-11

​Everyone remembers where they were on 9/11. At the time, I was going to school in Nigeria, and specifically......I was taking an afternoon nap (there's a 6 hour time difference). When I woke up and came to the living room, everyone was glued to the TV screen and I saw CNN breaking news....pretty much the image above, and I asked, "what movie is this?". Everyone shook their heads and said it was real, so I laughed and was like, really though? You expect me to fall for that?........ Unfortunately  it was true. 

​One of my best friends at the time was in a plane on her way back to the states when it happened and had to be routed to Canada for a few days. My family was travelling back to the states a few days later... and I remember being terrified. I can't even imagine what it must have been like for people who's siblings, friends etc went to work in NYC that day, and even more so those who's families never returned. 

​11 years later, as I sit in front of my own computer to get some work done, it really saddens my heart to think of those people who were killed while minding their business doing the same/ and others who's lives have changed dramatically since the date. I heard on the news that there at 58 types of cancers that many rescue workers from that day are dealing with from the fumes that they inhaled.....the memory is vivid for all of us, but its crazy how many people live with the effects every day.

​You really have to appreciate where you are and what you have on days like this, and even more so, continue to pray for peace for those who lost loved ones or are struggling with illness from that day. To all of those who were lost, who lost loved ones or are struggling otherwise from that day, you have my prayers today!