Oleku: Kickin it Old School at My Parent's Anniversary

"Oleku, tell me something wey I no fit do........" But today we're not talking songs, we're talking fashion! Click on the images above to see all the shots I put in the gallery!

This weekend, my parents had a lavish 25th wedding anniversary which turned into a second wedding, lol. I was really honored to plan and design it! My aunts in Nigeria sell lace, and found beautiful blue and silver lace for us to wear and match the occasion, and we sewed it oleku style - essentially iro and buba, but shorter arms and the wrapper tied shorter. The shot above is of me wearing it, and you shall see this again! Its sexy, no? LOL. I also had to wear shoes that said POW since you can see it all in this outfit! 

Anyways, its an old school style which we brought back heavy for our family's party, and stay tuned for more pics of me with the other cousins in our outfits! I didn't catch any on my cam with all of my running around, but once the photographer sends them to me, I'll share with you!

And also, if you'd like to see a teaser from the event (much more pics of people and decor coming from the photographers later) Check out this video that I made of the decor on YouTube!