5 Annoying Facebook Interactions

 Seeing these around Facebook makes me laugh (for the wrong reasons) so I had to go ahead and share a few of my thoughts on how to become THAT annoying person on social media. Please bid me to be honest for a few moments.

1) Sending a Friend Request, but I can't see your face in any photos.......who are you?

It happens. We go to an event or something, and meet a bunch of people by 1st name/nickname only. If one of those people sends you a friend request and you see and recognize their face, its easy to accept and chat with the person - but if your profile picture is of the ocean, and the timeline photo is of some random grassy pasture and you've locked down every other picture - don't send me a friend request unless I actually know you by name. Its so strange seeing these requests, and regardless of how many mutual friends we have, I always hit delete. I'm sure others do too #awkward

2) I haven't spoken to you in 3 years, and you tag me in every club party flyer you put up? No sir.

I've unfriended people, and updated my tag sessions to require me to approve photos because of this. Its annoying. I understand needing to market, but if you know someone never goes to your events, or any similar events, chances are they aren't interested in coming or helping you advertise. I personally really don't hit the club like that, so any photos with some 1/2 naked big booty girl talking about bottle specials will likely not make the cut of what gets approved to my wall, nor will it make me now decide to attend. 

3) Having a serious conversation via photo comments

So, I decide to put up a picture of myself at brunch, and comment that I'm excited about finally getting some relaxation in.....A few people like, say "hey enjoy" and like the photo....and then here you come asking me about a last minute request to help you with something......wait what? You want me to create a document for you? By tomorrow? And you're communicating this over my recent Instagram AND Facebook photos?  -__-. That's what email is for, and stop interrupting my social space with that! And by the way, no - stalking every platform I'm on won't make me move faster. It'll likely make me ignore you and delete your comments.

4) Using Facebook as a Dating Service. 

annoying facebook.jpg

Match.com exists for a reason. Take a hint and pay the fee to subscribe to them to find what you're looking for! A random Facebook message telling me that I'm everything you've been looking for and want to be my friend, will likely only make me block you even from my public updates. Unfortunately, I know that most women have seen these requests, and can relate. SMH. Stop the madness! We're tired! 

5) Sending embarrassing messages via Facebook wall



Luckily, I've never experienced this, but I've seen it a lot. A Facebook/Twitter wall just isn't the place for every conversation on earth. Private messages are there for a reason. Asking someone if they're in a relationship yet, to clean their room, or talking about bodily functions are always a NO via Facebook wall. 

These are just a few things which both baffle me, and drive me nuts on social media. Lets do better folks, lol. Was there anything that I left off the list? Comment below! I hope that you found this amusing and/or informative!