[Pet Peeves with Christians] 3 of 5: Our Beliefs Aren't Always Convenient

So! A while back, I started a series which, I admittedly kind of let fall off of my radar. But I'm back, and ready to finish it! I always had the titles ready, but just let the cares and business of life keep me away. But I'm rejuvenated and excited about getting back to it!

For starters, I want to rewind a bit and start this particular post by setting the definition of a Christian - a man/woman who models their life after Christ. So this post is about people with pet peeves against these "die hard Christians" if you will.

This past Sunday, I heard one of the best sermons ever about the story behind how the Israelites became oppressed by the Philistines before David killed Goliath - the Philistines made sure that there were no blacksmiths in all of Israel  so they were unable to create weapons to defend themselves. They controlled their access to that important information. The pastor went on to say, that in today's world, he believes that the pastor is the blacksmith, but that many blacksmiths are becoming watered down and unable to really arm people with the "armor" [education] that they need these days to impact their own communities.

There are many things about Christianity which are not convenient - waiting for marriage before sex, altering your dress code, guarding your ears and eyes from things which cause sinful thoughts, giving to the poor, recognizing homosexuality as a sin, setting time aside out of a busy schedule to pray and the list goes on and on. We all have a natural sinful desire to go against these things and to sin. Even the Bible says that we're born with it.

Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.
— Psalm 51:5

So we have to first understand that avoiding sin is not convenient, easy or even natural for anyone. That's why we have to meditate and guard our surroundings to continually check ourselves. I remember a long time ago, I had a random conversation with my brother about the different occult sects of Christianity that seem to be created every day, and he said one of the wisest things I've heard in a while.........

When people pick and choose which parts of the Bible and religion that they want to believe, and leave the rest, their not really following that religion or believing in God. They’re just creating their own religion around convenience.
— My lil bro ;)

Wow. Can't argue with that! It's really something to chew on. And going back to the reason that I first defined a Christian as a man/woman who model's their life after Christ - I think that this pet peeve around Christians believing in these inconvenient theories happens at multiple levels. First, there's the general public and the media who pushes the idea of being born a certain way, and no one being perfect so why even avoid sin? But then, there are also the Christians who believe in part of the Bible and Jesus' teachings, but choose to rest and rely on their own understanding for those things which are inconvenient. The "I know what the Bible says, but let's talk reality" mentality. And its amazing how these days, "radical" Christians are usually people who choose not to add or remove from the word of God. When you spell it out like that, it doesn't seem radical at all - it should be standard right?

I'm always a HUGE promoter of grace, so this isn't really a post about putting down sinners. I'm a sinner myself, and have made some royal mistakes. People who struggle with drug abuse, homosexuality, and purity have REAL struggles and aren't always perfect while going through that struggle - and that's why God sent His son, so that we can pin our sins to the cross and be saved. But there is a difference between someone falling into sin and getting up and admitting it, and the person who changes or omits parts of the message that we're supposed to stand behind as Christians. I've lied before to get myself out of trouble, but I won't say that its right, or that I was just made that way. The same really goes for all of the other declarations in the Bible. So c'mon Christians, let's not water it down. Let's speak the truth in the midst of those inconveniences, and even when they are things we struggle with ourselves. Let's speak the truth. And everyone else may not like it, but that's what we're called to do!

I love reading comments from people who agree, disagree or what to add to what I've said so please feel free to share! This is just a personal outlet for me to create healthy conversation, and your opinion matters so feel free to share!

Thanks for reading and I promise to bring part 4 soon this time ;-)