Sex in the City Weekend: some things just happen naturally when 4 girls are together

Getting goofy at the W Hotel Rooftop

Getting goofy at the W Hotel Rooftop

This weekend, was SOOO much fun for me, and that's because it was a weekend that I tagged "Sex in the City meets MD." Some of my closest girlfriends which I always hang out with came to visit! There are actually 6 of us in "the crew" but for some reason or another, there tends to be only 4 of us together at a time - so the sex in the city analogy still works ;) Now, none of us are crazy promiscuous people or anything - but I do still love this name for our crew because almost everything else about us is the same. One of us moved away(me), we all have crazy different personalities but manage to get along, one person is the initial connector for the crew (Asantewaa) and so on and so on. 

Crazy Conversations: One thing that's hilarious is the kind of conversations we end up having. Some highlights from this weekend are below: 

  • How men should not use "LOL" in texts, but rather should use "Haha" (this by the way was news to me, and explains so many texts past. I was always confused). Apparently men also should not use exclamation points excessively. This conversation went on for about an hour by the way, but was very insightful
  • Wedding dress shopping during all down time, though none of us are engaged
  • Every last detail about a date that I went on right before the girls got to town. I may have even spent more time talking about it than I spent actually on the date
  • Boy updates from everyone in the circle

We sounded just like the Sex in the City girls at one of their overpriced lunches. The conversations sound so funny when you're just listening, but are so crucial when you're participating! LOL. 

I'm Almost Ready/Let's Just Make a Quick Stop Here: Another thing that naturally happens when 4 girls are together, is lateness. OMG, you have no idea. It was SUCH a struggle getting anywhere. Granted, we managed to do everything that we planned, but it was still just A LOT.

First of all, it was so easy to say alright, lets be dressed in 30 mins! Then 15 mins later still be sitting at the table, sipping on wine and looking at wedding dresses. If any of us were alone, I'm sure it wouldn't be the case, but when we're together......*sigh* lol.

The Simple Things: Last, simple things end up being so much fun. We worked out together in the morning, then went to the grocery store, which was supposed to be just to get a few avocados but ended up turning into an adventure inside of a CVS which apparently is the size of a Walmart to my friends (oh NYC residents, lol) and then buying orchids and stuff for my apartment. Later that day, we went to a wine warehouse for what was supposed to be a quick pit stop, and ended up getting lost inside and finding adventure there too. This also contributed to point 2 about lateness to everything. Gotta love being a girl. 

This is so funny to me, because I never really saw myself as an overly girly girl, but looking back over this weekend and past episodes, I guess it all comes out when you're with your besties.....especially sleepover style when you're together all day and night, lol. We'll be taking over Philadelphia next for Penn relays in April, and we'll see if I come up with any great stories after that!