Weekend Recap: Bowling w/Africans, Penn Relays & Ending Up On Set of a Video Shoot

As you can tell by the title, I had a pretty intense weekend, lol. I decided to start sharing weekend recaps to summarize my many escapades over the weekend (YAY!) Read and enjoy!


Friday was a super busy day as always, trying to tie loose ends between multiple projects, taking a dreadful trip to VA which had me sitting in traffic for an hour and a half on the way back, and then coming home to a 2 hour conference call which ended at about 8pm. Yes, I was SUPER ready for the weekend! I really wanted to KO right after that call, but in following my true "I'll sleep when I'm dead" montra, I decided to go out bowling with a youth group from a Redeemed church which I visited a while back. All I can say is that bowling with Africans is by far one of the most entertaining things you can watch and be a part of. For one, no one really talks, we all just scream what's on our minds, and then of course there's the pidgin mixed with a whole lot of confidence which makes things entertaining. Phrases like "Chai! Strike again? Oya make I try my hand too" usually end up being the result of these elements mixed together. LOL. Good times... 


I returned home to take a nap before heading out to my 6am train to Philly for relays. Its been FOREVER since I've been back on campus, so I was super pumped about having a reason to go back and see things. And then I got there, and was warmly welcomed by a conversation with a homeless man: 

Me (on a conference call and clearly engrossed in a deep conversation) 

Man: (waving in my face)  Hello, I just got one question for you, you got any change?

Me: (still trying to understand why everyone else was passed by he had to interrupt me like that) No, I'm sorry I don't have any change right now

Man: (rolling eyes and flailing hands screams) Well, psh I aint gon beg you! I don't know what you think this is! 

Me: Just sitting confused. Then remembering what life in Philly was like, lol.  I'm all about helping the poor, but I'd rather not get attitude for not having it at the time. These things ONLY happen in Philly. 

Yea, I love Penn, but not that city. Anyways, after that, I got to meetup with my LOVES, AKA the Sex in the City crew and we headed to an amazing brunch by the Penn Black Alumni Society. It awesome.....like there was fresh fried catfish there awesome. I also got to bump into a caterer that I worked with a few times for galas while at Penn, and who was the first person to show me how to fold napkins. It was nice to be able to let her know that she had an impact, and that I'm a wedding planner now! Yea, that felt good. After that, we headed to the fields and I was pleasantly surprised to see Nigeria participate in the relays and do alright. In the past, the only countries I remember seeing were the US, UK, Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad, and occasionally Kenya or Ethiopia for long distance.  


Nigeria waiting to get the baton during the International 4x100. They placed 4th.

Nigeria waiting to get the baton during the International 4x100. They placed 4th.

After this, me and my girls had an amazing heart to heart about where we plan to be in the next 10 years. It was not like any of those typical shows you see about Black women bickering. We all genuinely plan to remain parts of each other's lives, and I know we all left feeling uplifted and lighter after laying down our plans and fears to each other. I'm so loving the sisterhood right now :) We spent the rest of the day bumping into other alums at the infamous Mad4Mex and then hanging out and sleeping in our hotel instead of going out for the grand finale. Yea, we were pooped.


I got up super early yet again to make it back home in time for church. We had an amazing session where our pastor just answered questions from members about growing spiritually and about the church. That was so refreshing to see leadership stop for a moment to hear what we need to hear and address it. After this, I went to THE most amazing Sunday hangout in the DC area for a friend's birthday party. Fujimar Restaurant/LIMA Lounge caught me off guard about how poppin it was on a Sunday afternoon. The place had a great DJ who was spinning all afternoon like it was a Saturday night, there was lounge furniture outside for people to hangout on and the interior was super plush and modern with white/glass furniture and futuristic lights. We got brunch, which honestly was just so-so for the amount of money we paid, but we did also get bottomless mimosas/champagne as well. 

I remember seeing video cameras and such outside as I went in, but I just ignored it at first, but then a little later, all the cameras and paparazzi re-appeared in our dining area as we wrapped up our meals and were just sitting around talking. Next thing you know, a man in dreads is singing Happy Birthday to my friend and all the videocameras followed him. What? Yea, I'm confused. Evidently, local singer J Beale was shooting his new music video there and decided to wish her happy birthday. That was sweet! So after this we're on our way out.....and then here comes Jeannie Jones (aka Kitty of the City from 93.9) asking us to come back so that we could be part of a short segment of the video. Random! So we decide to be team players and join. There actually wasn't much to our part, just a little gift giving and smiling around the birthday girl, but definitely be on the lookout for this music video! LOL. I'm excited for my debut :)


Birthday girl to J Biele's right, and Jeannie Jones to the left

Birthday girl to J Biele's right, and Jeannie Jones to the left

After this, the story gets boring. I got home at 6, and basically went to bed. The weekend was probably just a bit too adventurous.....but it was a good time!