Do You Believe in Total Healing?

I know that many times, its easy to believe in a concept in theory that you read about in the Bible or hear in church, but not really fully accept it as relevant and pertinent to your own life. And one area that I was like that in was in understanding what divine healing really is. There are certain things which I've just dealt with, because I figure they aren't life threatening, so I never even took the time to go to God with them. Its almost like in the back of my head, I imagined a person who has limited time and resources, and has better things to do, rather than a God who is mindful of every small issue that I have, and able to attend to them while attending to everyone else. 

Woman with the Issue of Blood

Woman with the Issue of Blood

I'm going to kind of tell on myself......but its been a while since I've been to the dentist *hides face*. Like......... A WHILE. I missed a bunch of appointments, mostly out of fear because the dentist told me that I had a couple of cavities, and I didn't want to deal with the drilling and or the big bad dentist. I know its childish, but it happened, lol. As you probably know by now, I help out with a course at my church called the Alpha Course, and towards the end of every course, we have a healing night to deal with all kinds of issues - mental, spiritual and physical. I was a bit more occupied with praying for other people, but I took just a few minutes to pray for myself just because I felt compelled to all of a sudden. I got to hear about all of the testimonies that people had that night, and I was happy. And then I went home. No big deal.

About a week later, I mustered up the courage to go to the dentist. My philosophy, was that you have to add prayer to action, and I had to just go face this thing finally. I went in, and gave the receptionist my whole speech about how I my appointment might run over because its been forever that I've been in, and the doctor might have a lot to deal with. She just laughed at me and said I'm sure it'll be fine. I gave the nurse and the doctor the warning too, lol. I had been feeling a little pain for over a year, and I figured they may as well be warned. So the nurse takes the x-ray then comes back to me........................and I have no cavities? I actually started arguing at first, and then she showed me the xrays. Everything looked exceptional apparently. I was super confused, but then just let them clean me up and told them that I'd be back if I had any pain, because I was almost sure that I would. I didn't.

It took me a while to really realize and understand that this was all God's doing, and not a mistake. It was amazing.....but confusing. While I hated the idea of getting a fill-in, it wasn't a dire situation. And I didn't even ask specifically for this. But I guess that as the Bible says, we are supposed to cast ALL of our cares on Him because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). And in this case, this included something as small as my teeth. I know that we all usually decide to try faith when big things come up, and someone is in the hospital, or you're in a tight bind, but I think God wants me to lean on faith a little more often. Even on those small things that I feel I can handle (or that I might even deserve.....i probably had a few too many chocolate bars, lol). 

As always, I'm just sharing my epiphany moments with the hope that they inspire you and help you with your Christian walk too!  If you've got any comments, do share below, I'd love to hear from you, and have a blessed day.