Stop Condemning Miley Cyrus to Hell

So, on Sunday night, while everyone was watching the VMAs, I was in a quiet house cooking. Why? Well, I hadn't setup the cable/internet in my new place yet, lol. But, I still had a phone, and around 10pm, all I could read about on Facebook or Twitter was that NSync performed together (was so sad I missed that live) and then of course, a million posts about Miley Cyrus. I didn't realize how bad it was, until on Monday......the only thing I was STILL reading about was Miley Cyrus. So, of course I went to YouTube to catch up. And wow, it was quite the performance, lol. I'll leave the rest of my thoughts out of it. People have said it all, between Facebook, Twitter and the Huffington Post.

miley cyrus.jpg

I do however really take issue to a comment I read this morning. "Miley Cyrus is going to hell in a twerking handbasket." That was Sherri Shepard from The View.  I also read a lot of similar comments up and down Facebook and Twitter from other people. Granted, I can see how that's funny to many people, especially the twerking handbasket part, but I really think that everyone needs to kind of pump the breaks on condemning the girl. 

The vast majority of us have gone through that "I'm grown" phase, where you feel the need to assert that you're no longer the innocent little kid that everyone saw you as before. Few of us, however, have had to go through that with the whole world watching. Just tossing that out there. 

Also, more importantly, God's grace is for everyone. Perfect people don't need grace, imperfect people do. I'm imperfect, so I accept His grace with open arms, lol. And so do many other Christians. Many of us recognize that there was a point in our lives that we did not regard the things of God, and we did our own thing, but for some reason, He kept us, and called us to Him later in life. So, how do we condemn others to hell? We don't know what lies ahead for them in their life and exploration of themselves. They may actually find God, or at least choose to tone things down a bit. If one act, whether public or private was enough to send us to hell, then there really is no hope for any of us.  

Yea, I get it. It was shocking. It was crazy. You didn't want your kids to see that. But let's leave the condemning to God, and not our Facebook walls. And if you're that concerned, pray for the girl.