Keeping Marley Twists/Box Braids Neat & Natural Hair Moisturized

 I decided to create my first vlog today while at home, and about to moisturize my hair again. A lot of people have commented on my twists, saying that they look great and asking if they are new.......but I've had them for 7 weeks already, and they still look great! A few braids did slip out, but that hair is well moisturized and hasn't broken and my hair underneath is moisturized, which is important so that I don't get breakage when taking down the twists soon. 

I've been natural(this time around) for over 3 years now, but I never put much effort towards growing my hair. I just liked natural styles and just let it be - but a few months ago I decided to challenge both my body and my hair, and push them to the limit! I do a lot of the Les Mills classes and altered my diet a lot, and I also have invested a lot of time in getting to know and learn how to really grow more of my own, pure African 4z super coase hair, lol. I know that there are lots of natural hair blogs out there, and they are all great (I follow a bunch of them), but sometimes you just want to hone in on the few basics that you need to know to keep natural hair, and not about new tricks and styles that come out every day, so I decided to add a Natural Hair segment to my blog. Enjoy, and join me in learning more!