The Alpha Course - What I Learned & How You Can Join

A lot of people have asked me questions about the Alpha Course because I have a lot of posts about it on my blog, and I also frequently post about it on my Facebook page. Well, here's a brief look into my experience on the course - and if you're in the DC area, you're invited to join us at our next session!


The Alpha Course is a free 10 week dinner series course about life, morality and religion. Is there a point to believing in God, and how do we know that He exists? And if He does exist, does He still speak to us and how?

The number one thing that I LOVE about this course is that everyone is free to express their honest opinions about everything. I remember that while I was taking the course, we had an agnostic person join our group, and she was totally free to express her experiences as a child growing up in the church, and why she's since chosen to do her own thing. We've also had Christians come in and express their frustrations around church, and with practicing Christianity......and yea, I was one of them, lol. We've had members of other religions come as well.

The thing about this course is that it actually allows us to co-exist and truly learn from one another. It's a great space for "Bible freaks" to have to sit in a non-judgemental environment and really get perspective on people who may not be where they are, and it also gives those who do not identify with a faith an opportunity to learn why Christians believe what they do. There's no pressure to "have the right answer" to every question - and many of the discussion points may not always have one answer. 

I signed up for the Alpha course a few weeks after moving to the DMV over a year ago and met some friends, both who attend the church and do not, who I am still in touch with and hang out with from time to time. I decided to join the team a couple sessions later, and its helped me to build stronger relationships with the team members, and to always maintain a humble and non-judgemental approach to evangelism and Christianity - which I find truly helps draw people to Christ. 

The other thing that has kept me coming back is the food. We have something new every week, ranging from Jellof Rice & chicken, to pasta and even to catering from popular restaurants like Nandos. In addition to whatever the entree is, there are always rolls, sodas, waters, coffee and dessert. Can't say no to that, especially considering that its free!!

So, hopefully you've been convinced to try the course out! If you're in the DMV area, I invite you to join our session beginning on January 14th by registering at

If not, you can always find out about Alpha overall, and find a local Alpha session at