Drinking Tea for a Flat Belly

I've been on a big fitness journey for about a year now, and now and one great help has been tea! To clarify, I don't mean strange "weight loss teas" where no one knows whats in them. 

The main reason that I started drinking a whole lot more tea is that I knew I had to dramatically reduce my sugar intake in order to get the belly that I wanted, and in the US the majority of the sugar that most people take in is from sugar in sodas and juices. So instead of drinking those, I replaced everything with water and teas with NO SUGAR. Trying this method with 4 packets of sugar per tea is a bit counterproductive lol. May sound crazy, but trust me you'll get used to it quickly and wonder how you ever let yourself drink such sugary drinks! At any given time, I have 3 sets of tea in my home and I'll explain why below:

Green Tea: Drinking about 5 (8 oz) cups of green tea a day helps you manage your belly fat. It also is very beneficial when you drink it on an empty stomach, so this is my go to first drink of the day. I used to hate green tea with the strongest passion, but I finally found what I like! Bigelow Green Tea with either Lemon or Pomegranate is great. I like the pomegranate a bit more. 

Mint Tea: Mint tea is great for managing bloating, which most of us ladies experience at least once a month [sigh]. Its also just an overall feel good tea in the winter so I keep it close! I usually opt for the Bigelow Mint Medley (spearmint and peppermint). Any other mint for the most part works, but I usually avoid those with black tea in them just so I can be sure I'm getting a lot of mint in my system!

Sweet Orange Tea: I used to drink a really unhealthy amount of orange juice. I gave up soda years ago, and thought orange juice was so much better, which is both true and false. It has a whole lot less chemicals and processing, but it has almost the same amount of sugar as a coke! I really needed to replace this with something, so now I drink a lot of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange Tea during the day, and just ice it to pacify my need for something sweet when it comes up. Its the perfect fit!

Working out then following it up with a soda (even if its diet) is really not going to cut it. So once again, just try it out and see how it makes you feel and look different. The most important rule once again is NO SUGAR!! Remember, Summer bodies are made in the Winter, so this is the perfect time to get into it!

Have any other tips or comments on this subject? Share below. I'd love to know your thoughts!