Fitness & Health: Are They Always the Same?

If you follow me at all on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I've become a bit of a gym freak in the past 8 months, lol. I figure I'm in my late twenties, and this is the time, if ever, for me to see how far I can push this body of mine. I started weightlifting in gym when I was only 16 years old and lifted more than any other girls in my class on leg days, coupled with dance and/or step practice a few times a week.......but then I also used to eat whoppers(yes the chocolates) and coke for breakfast and french fries with more coke for lunch, so it all balanced out, lol. I've always been skinny-ish but never fit and toned. 

In this journey, I've hit periods where I got really frustrated with my progress because you know, we all wanna be ripped in 7 days right? Its only logical. I've done a lot of research to figure out what exercises and foods to invest in for the results that I want, and over time noticed that most of these sites pushed supplements, whey protein and other things to help you reach your goals. As a person who doesn't even trust multivitamins (I hate medicine that much), that just has not worked for me, so I had to dig further to find alternatives that I'm actually comfortable with. For instance, instead of drinking a protein shake after my morning workouts, I usually eat a bunch of turkey bacon and 3 eggs. No one ever told me to do that, but I found through more research that the real reason people take protein shakes is that eating protein after strength training helps you build muscle I figured, why not just use protein from food? And its been working for me.

This whole sexy-by-force trip that I'm on has me following a whole lot of fitness mavens on Instagram. It helps me look at my phone and realize that I should probably drop and give someone 50. The motivation has been great, but now I'm noticing that most of these people have started clogging their feeds with supplement information too..... and a lot of people feed into these which to me is so disturbing. I also don't do the so-called fitness/low calorie bars or any of this other funny food. No artificial sweeteners either. Because if its not sugar/naturally protein rich food.....then what exactly is it?

In my opinion, the FDA approves anything these days. You can tell that because Coke has enough aspartame in it to clean your toilet bowl (no scrubbing necessary), and McDonalds sells food that literally never decomposes. And yes, in theory we don't know what causes cancer and other strange diseases,  but I can't imagine that the genetically modified foods, chemicals preservatives and other weird things in all of these foods have nothing to do with it. Being skinny is cool, but we have to live in these bodies til we're old and grey, it'd be nice to not have to replace today's chemicals with mandatory new ones in the form of pills down the line.  

I definitely don't claim to know everything, and I'm sure that there are a few supplements out there that aren't so bad about you......I just don't care the experiment til I find one. Feel free to share your thoughts below and agree or disagree.....but in my opinion the pursuit of health and the pursuit of fitness a lot times are just not the same.