Dealing with Disappointment

Hello world! 

Just wanted to share something that's been on my mind a bit lately. What is the right way to deal with disappointment, stress or unhappiness? I've noticed that in the Christian community, we have a tendency to glorify looking happy when you're struggling on the inside. But is this always the right approach to have to life? (I'm hoping for people to share their thoughts in the comments :-D )

I know I definitely go through seasons where everything is going well, and then seasons where everything seems to be going wrong just like all of us. And the truth really is that we do all at times magnify the bad way more than we should and stress ourselves out. We've all done it at least once lol. But even then, is the right answer to wear a mask all of the time? I really wonder.

I for one went through a super duper dark period in my life about 6 years ago, and I chose to internalize everything and not talk to any of my friends or family about it. Funny enough I was usually the life of the party and super active in all kinds of professional and academic pursuits at the time. I told a few friends over the last year what I was dealing with at that time, and they all were shocked! Granted, everyone knew about the events that were bothering me, but no one knew that it was affecting me in the way that it was. All of their reactions were the same "you seemed like you just shrugged it off, and I had no idea......I wish I knew." And in retrospect, the truth is that that situation ended up taking me forever to get over. I recently had a bit of a setback too, and I dealt with it in the opposite way. Confided in a few people, but also took a few days to sit in one place and just stare at the ceiling, watch TV or just do whatever. I also know that what I was feeling on the inside was also showing on my face.......but I just didn't feel like posing for anyone. With all of this, my angry period ended up lasting for a much shorter period of time. I was able to actually deal with my feelings and get past things easier. But as Christians, is this the right way to react to things? Should we always put up a front that life is perfect? I'm curious about what you (yes, you reading this right now) think about this. Again, I just feel that a lot of Christians glorify the idea of looking like everything is perfect, but I wonder if that's always the right answer. I'm still figuring out this journey called life, and sometimes it's a real blessing to get perspective from other people!