Alpha Is Coming Back - 9.10.2013 - Be There

Yes, its true, The Alpha Course is coming back! A lot of you sent me texts/emails and other messages asking about when the next course would start, and were sad back in June when I told you we'd be taking a break for the summer. Well, now's your chance to get registered and see what all the buzz is about! Its an amazing program, and I was so blessed to be part of it right after getting into the DMV. I'll be working on our Facebook advertising, and we also have a dedicated blogger and Twitter address for this, so follow/like via the links below, and don't forget to register, and bring a friend! You'll be glad you did.

The Alpha Course is a 10 week course on discovering Christianity. It is a non-threatening environment and we welcome people of all religious and ethnic backgrounds to gather and share their candid thoughts about religion and life. You are bound to get something from it whether you're a church worker or you have no religious background. We look forward to seeing you on September 10th at 7pm! 

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