You're Invited! Next Alpha Course - Discovering Life & Christianity

​I made a post a while back in November inviting you to join me at my celebration dinner as I "graduated" from this great course, and now I invite you to be part of it! I'll actually be a small groups co-leader so there will be lots of friendly faces there, including mine!

​The Alpha Course is an international program which lasts for 10 weeks.  It's  a course on Christianity, which includes weekly short sessions, dinner (catered, not pizza or sandwiches) and small groups - kind of like cohorts - where you are free to discuss your views on the topic at hand. Its a judgement free zone - for real. In my sessions, there were times that people openly even discussed why they stayed away from churches, didn't really believe in Christ etc, and no one was scorned. Its an open environment where everyone is met where they are so that we can grow together! And even as someone who's been a Christian for a few years, I also learned a lot from those around me sharing their thoughts and experiences. Its a great place to eat, learn and make new like-minded friends so I hope to see you there! I will be a part of the course at Jesus House in Silver Spring, MD and please do REGISTER HERE - or show up/sign up tomorrow! I'm sure you'll love it!