"God and Sex Toys Don't Mix" - My Take on This Comment to Kandi Burruss of RHOA

​Greetings loves! I'm back again and excited to write about this. So, I tuned in (with the rest of the world) to watch the Housewives of Atlanta Reunion last night. I think that this season has been particularly interesting, so I couldn't wait to see what they all had to say at the reunion.

In case you're a man, or just otherwise uninterested and don't watch the show, Kandi Burruss was a member of the music group Escape, and in addition to writing songs for other musicians, she started a line of sex toys a couple of years ago which has really taken off. She's unmarried and has been pretty open about her sexuality since the show began and even more so since that line started. The interesting thing about this season is that in the midst of this, she was seen reaching out to Marvin Sapp about getting into gospel music and ended up recording a song with him called "Prayed up". She also expressed that she prays to God on the show. So during last night's reunion, a viewer made the comment to the effect of "What do you think you're doing, God and sex don't mix."

My take on this whole scenario is two-fold. Is sex before marriage wrong? Yes. God is clear about that. Is selling sex toys wrong?...... That's a little complicated because I don't see anything in the Bible that forbids married people from using them (if you disagree, please comment below!) though per my 1st comment, its not Christ like to promote sex to those who are unmarried. But I guess the key question would be if there's anything wrong with praying while you're dealing with sin? Or is there something wrong with announcing publicly that you pray even while dealing with sin? I'd request that you leave your replies to this below, but my personal thoughts on this is that there isn't anything wrong with this. From my observation (and personal story), I think that everyone has a journey to Christ. Many times, people don't completely change on the first day that a person hears of Christ or speaks to him, but over time the seeds take root and one day that person may decide to become a devout follower of Christ. I know that the sensitive thing about this is that its on TV, so the fear is that others will watch and think that sin is OK as long as you talk to God, but being that this is a reality show, I think that it is a pretty accurate representation of what many people's budding relationships with Christ look like at the beginning so I'm not sure I can jump on the angry bandwagon on this. What are your thoughts? I'm dying to know! Please comment below, and thanks for reading!

Image originally from Black Hair Media