Working Unto the Lord: Col 3:23

I found this jewel yesterday at the Christian bookstore. I was trying to burn time while waiting for someone who *sigh* was super late in meeting me for dinner, lol. I never actually went to a Christian bookstore before, so I figured I may as well see what it was while I had the time. There were lots of little trinkets and things that I LOVED! In an effort to be diligent about my funds, I decided to get only one thing, and this was it. I'm entering a phase in my life where I'm going to have to work really hard.......well technically actually I've been in this phase for a while, but I may be taking on another event related venture pretty soon (will spill the beans when its final) and I think I'm entering a place where I really have to start planning and working on those next steps to really becoming the entrepreneur I always dreamed of being. There's a lot to be done every day, and not necessarily always for my own benefit, but this scripture here puts it all into perspective - its for God, so do your best!